The perfect cage has no bars. It is a civilised, seemingly utilitarian place which on a surface, day to day level apparently enjoys the benefits of freedom. Though upon closer inspection and armed with the right questions, you will soon see the bars you are behind.

Bzzz. Bzzz. Bzzz. The alarm sounds as you hit the snooze button for a few more minutes sleep. Bzzz. Bzzz. Bzzz. Before finally getting out of bed and making a cup of coffee. You get ready for work and ride the peak hour wave of traffic all the way to your workplace. You spend all day performing actions that may or may not benefit society depending on your line of work and then once you're physically and mentally drained, you go home to eat, shower and sleep in preparation to do it all over again.

A typical day, for the typical person, in the typical world we live in. Fun, huh?

One could argue that "hey, it's your choose how you want your life to be". In which case you'd be right to yell through the screen and lecture me about how we can create our lives to be the way we want them to be, that it is up to us. Hell...I'd even praise you for having such a positive, empowered attitude; despite the criticism.

But let's take a step back for just a moment before we get all 'Oprah Winfrey' up in here.

What choices do you actually get to make?

Sure I understand you decide what brand of coffee you drink, how many times you'll snooze the alarm and even what route you'll take to work. Truly life changing decisions, while the government will decide what "patented viles of liquid produced by pharmaceutical companies protected from lawsuits" (otherwise known as vaccines) will be injected into your children, how much of your income you'll hand over to pay for things you'll never use, never voted for nor care about (taxes) and that it's perfectly fine to allow banks to lend more then they actually have (fractional reserve banking).

🚫 You have to use money, there is no alternative. People won't accept anything else, even cryptocurrency hasn't become widespread in the real world because the powers that be won't let it happen.

🚫️ You have to work a job to earn money to buy a roof over your head, and if you don't you'll be homeless and starving.

🚫 Apparently God gave the land (Earth) to some people and thus the inherent right to sell it to others for stupidly high prices. Which then means if you go out into the wilderness of the country you were born in and decide to build yourself a can't any longer.

🚫 Want to home school your children? I mean, they are your children and no one will care for them like you as their loving parents. No you may not, in many countries it is illegal and discouraged in many more. How long before it's outlawed altogether?

Gone are the days where you could live off the land, where the planet and its resources were seen to be shared and owned by all its inhabitants. The prostitution of the planet has destroyed our ability to live outside of the system, it has removed our choice and with it our freedom. And with each passing year we see more freedoms being eroded away as the walls of our cage close in on us.

Again I ask you, what are these choices you 'think' you have?

Photo by Christopher Windus / Unsplash

When we're busy with the small stuff, we don't see the bigger picture. We don't notice the bars being slotted into place, holding us hostage. Until one day we read an article like this or as is common in this community, we hit rock bottom. Life swings at us with a right hook and leaves us bloodied on the floor. It's in that moment as we pick ourselves up, when you think to yourself...

"I'm not a bad person. Why am I getting dealt such a bad hand."

You begin to question the way things are. You notice that there is this 'Human Hamster Wheel of Life'. Everyone must jump on at some point and start running. If you keep running, you'll keep up with the Jones's and probably be fine. But if you stop, you risk falling behind or falling off - and the Human Hamster Wheel doesn't treat those who fall off very nicely.

You get trampled, beaten. Even when someone else seems to be jogging along just fine, someone else tugs at their leg and pulls them to a grazing halt. It's brutal. Over time you realize that no one else really knows why they're running on the Human Hamster Wheel, we all just do it because it's what we were told we had to do.

Getting off the Human Hamster Wheel

We are not free, not right now. But we can be. It takes a village and I mean that literally. Getting off the Human Hamster Wheel (aka. the rat race) is as simple as forming our own independent communities. These communities known as 'Freedom Plan communities' can be setup anywhere from urban cities to rural towns and everywhere in between. It doesn't matter if you live in an apartment, a house or on a farm; you can begin establishing a community in your area today.

If this resonates with you, become part of the solution. So many people are unknowingly counting on the subsequent events that could take place as a result of your actions. Together, we can dismantle the cage we live in.

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